M.A. Urdu/English

Government Islamia College Railway Road offers Masters admission in two subjects only, Urdu and English.

Please Note:
Only those students are eligible to apply to M.A. Urdu programme who have studied one of the following subjects in Bachelors.

  • Urdu (Optional)
  • Persian (Optional)
  • Arabic (Optional)
  • Punjabi (Optional)

How to apply?

Fee Structure

Sr. #ParticularsAmount (Rs.)
1Admission Fee (at the time of Admission) 325
2Tution Fee 1 year960
3Magazine Fund 02 years240
4Medical Fund 01 year150
5Library Security Fund (Refundable)1500
6H. A: Fund 02 years120
7General Fund 01 years100
8Identity Card (at the time of admission)50
9Cycle Fund 02 years100
10*University Registration & Sports Fee1000
11Examination Fund200
12Board/ University Affiliation Fund180
13Welfare Fund 1 year100
14Bus Fund 1 year600
15Scout Fund 2 years24
16Sports Fund 1 year180